End Of The World Predictions

By: Joan Graciez

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The Perception about Nazca Lines and Mayan Calendar 2012

With the ongoing rumors about the dreaded possible occurrence in 2012, people are making up stories after stories just to justify the likely event. This will only make them to feel more agitated and afraid on whatever will happen in that year. However, there are some established proofs about this rumors that has been around for many years now. Even scientist cannot explain these phenomena. They said that it was caused by supernatural being that was once walked the earth, and will come back on the right time.

Take for instance, the Nazca lines in Peru can serve as the best proof about this strange and odd happening. This carvings and lines are so vast that human at that time were not capable of doing. It has been believed that the ancient Nazca possessed advance technology, which was why they have created these humongous lines. Also, some indicated that these strange occurrences were directed for the comeback of aliens into the planet. Whatever the reason behind these amazing lines, some believe that it has a connection with the end of the world.

On the other hand, the Mayan has suggested that the world will be devastated in 2012. They said that in December 21, 2012, there will be an event so powerful that it will shake the foundations of the earth. This event will cause worldwide suffering. The Mayan calendar 2012 also suggested that by the time that occurrence comes, it will signal the destruction of everything that is in the planet. As early as now, people should really hold on until this day comes.

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End of the World 2012 – What’s Behind the Dreaded Prediction?

For many people who believe in the prophecy concerning the end of the world 2012 will be the year that the world will suffer its demise. This world will be destroyed by a planetary devastation tends to wipe out all in it. For many believers, they are suggesting that these rumors are true. They said several prophecies about the ancient world stated that the world will have its dreaded fate. Many historians and even scholars were saying that once 2012 come, people should be really aware of the possibility of any tragic incidents.

Even though there is still no definite evidence that the world will really end in 2012, these people are still insisting that it will happen. Also, they are not yet sure if how it will happen. For them, a natural worldwide disaster, more like earthquake, will shatter the world into pieces, killing everything and everyone that will be caught in it. End of the world predictions will stay as they are until that incident comes.

However, many people as early as now are joining different groups and organizations geared towards for advocating the alleged incident. For them, there are lots of considerations that have been manifested in order for them to believe that it will really happen. Several predictions have failed to materialize in the past, but for them, this grand event that will happen in 2012 is the actuation of it all; when men will witness how the world succumbs into its very own destruction. As of now, it will still remain predictions as long as that day remains ahead of the time.

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